Open Letter to All of Our Visitors:

Welcome to NWT Boutique and we would like to share with you why this site has been created. We are a Northern California Based business that has been customer oriented for over 30 years. Our past experiences covered area that were in the equine industry; both in service and sales. This area gave us the background for outstanding customer service and support.

Throughout our Internet travels and shopping sprees we have visited many different types of websites and stores; in doing so we started to notice that there was hardly any sites that actually centered on a family format.

We then realized that the concept of a family-based format could become the center of NWT Boutique and it then became the number one factor in the development of where you are today. 

Our business model is one that starts at the youngest member of the family and works its way to the most experienced family member. 

We are constantly researching the marketplace and updating our lines to make your visits to NWT Boutique even more enjoyable.Here is where you can help create a true family-based store by giving us your input, through our Contact Page, allowing you to make suggestions as well as letting us know how you feel about your experiences here at NWT Boutique. We search for many different suppliers throughout the world, but will be striving to center our suppliers within the United States and Canada, as suppliers and commerce permits.

So, take your time, grab your coffee, and be relaxed knowing that you won't be bothered by sales clerks; at least until you are ready to check out. Once you see what we have to offer and how we are updating our selection you will definitely want to save us to your favorites.

Before you go we would like to say; enjoy your visit, come back often, and of course we want to say Thank You for coming by and visiting us.

Lastly, we would like to invite you to go to our other equine based site (www.newwavetherapy.com) and take a look around.

The entire NWT Boutique Staff